Marketing plan for Event companies

Тип работы Дипломная работа
Тема Marketing plan for Event companies
Предмет Маркетинг
Объем 60 стр.
Содержание / План дипломной работы Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. Presentation and justification (importance) of the subject
1.2. Research question and objectives of the study (primary and secondary objectives)
1.3. Delimitation of the research study
Chapter 2. Literature Review
2.1. Marketing planning
2.2. Event companies specific
2.3. Marketing plan for Event companies specific
2.4. Ways of marketing planning for event companies
2.5. Marketing planning for event companies with checktable model.
Chapter 3. methodology
3.1.Justification of methodology choice
3.2. Model description
3.2.1 Questionnaire poll
3.2.2 Checktable model
Bibliography/ Indicative Reading List
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